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Our philosophy: A healthy smile, a happy smile

For over 60 years, we have been dedicated to oral health.

Our goal is to care for our patients, providing professional services from our highly qualified staff.

Our commitment is to achieve operational standards of excellence through advanced technology, such as computed tomography which provides us with in depth data, thereby allowing us to propose the most appropriate and time/cost efficient treatment plan. The use of these state of the art tools also facilitates patient/practitioner relations, clear communication and interactive health counseling – our patients then become actively involved in making therapeutic choices. Our interdisciplinary approach aims to provide not only quality and excellence in oral health, but also in aesthetics of the smile and face.

Our origins

Merli storicaThe doctors Merli Monica, Aldo, Mario and Mauro (1994).

Our story begins back in the 50’s when our father, Mario, who had just graduated in Medicine and specialized in Dentistry at the University of Bologna, opened his first studio in Morciano di Romagna (his hometown). Soon after his practice grew and he opened a main office in Rimini.
Dr. Mario was dedicated to his profession and expressed his passion and integrity through continuing education and research in areas related to dentistry.
In his quest to evolve with the times, he was particularly inspired by a colleague Dr. Augustus Biaggi, founder of a school for young dentists and an association in Brugg in Switzerland called “Amici di Brugg”.
Dr. Mario furthered his training and knowledge of innovative techniques by attending courses and through interaction with accomplished dentists and esteemed scholars. His enthusiasm grew, and wanting to share this experience with his Italian colleagues, he set up courses held in his own office under the guidance of Augustus Biaggi. Their relationship of friendship and mutual respect led Mario to organize and direct the Annual Meeting of the “Amici di Brugg” in Rimini. Due to the great success of these meetings, Rimini became the permanent venue for this, one of the most attended events in the Italian dentist community for scientific debates and cultural exchange.
Our father’s commitment, dedication and enthusiasm to his profession has been handed down to us naturally so we eagerly chose to follow in his footsteps.

Outpatient Treatment

We cooperate with the Nuova Ricerca Day Hospital for the following services:

Orthognatic Surgery, Bone Reconstructive Surgery, Distraction – Osteogenesis

Plastic surgery:

Blepharoplasty, Otoplasty, Rhinoplasty


Face lifts

Dermatological laser treatment

Facial dermacosmesis


The Merli Family Dental Practice was established in 1968, and in October 2008 moved to a new larger and more functional facility, now called Clinica Merli.
The Merli Clinic is fully equipped with state of the art diagnostic tools and medical devices enabling the medical and auxiliary staff to perform various services/treatments.
Each of the four floors houses separate areas dedicated to a the various specialist disciplines
The most recent is a an innovative department dedicated to prevention and lifestyles.
There is also an area dedicated exclusively to children, a library, an Internet Point, and a conference room equipped for video conferencing and closed-circuit transmissions directly from the operating rooms.
Educational videos are shown throughout the waiting rooms.
The entire structure complies with current regulations on architectural barriers for the disabled.


The clinic is located two hundred meters from the Rimini General Hospital, and is easily reached by car and public transport. Free parking is available.
The Merli Clinic is an accessible facility.

v.le Settembrini, 17/o
phone +39 0541 52025

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